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If you are the victim of burglary, or a football that went awry, call Express Glaze for your residental boarding. House window boarding is something we are available for 24/7 throughout the UK.

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Residential Boarding Services

When your property is facing the imminent threat of an oncoming storm or reeling from the after effects of major damage, you’ll find our house window boarding services to be just what you need. Protect your assets while repairs are underway, or head off excessive winds and rains before they appear with skilled installation of timber boarding over your home’s vulnerable glazing. We work with speed and efficiency before and after a disaster, so your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Timber Boarding Up

Our affordable timber boarding services allow you to protect your temporarily vulnerable property for as long as is needed to affect repairs or complete construction.

Property Repairs

Following a natural or man-made disaster, your home may suffer multiple types of damage that leave it vulnerable to harsh weather elements or unwanted entry. Express Glaze will help you restore that damage as quickly as possible so your life can get back to normal fast.


When you’re away from your home for an extended period of time or your house is vacant for repairs or renovations, you run the risk of squatters making themselves at home on your property. Express Glaze has experience helping protect UK homes from unwanted guests moving in during your absence.

Fire Damage

Few things can damage your home so thoroughly as a fire. After the flames have been extinguished, we’ll help you recover from the damage left behind with our comprehensive fire damage repair services.

Storm Damage

Boarding up is an important tactic for guarding your property against storm-force winds and rains. Of course, if damage does strike, the boards offer up a measure of security to keep unwanted visitors out until repairs can be completed.

Window Repairs

When your home is boarded up for repairs, you’ll need the assistance of the UK’s most experienced window repair specialists. We will bring our expertise to bear on your restoration to affect expedient and efficient repairs.

Glass Replacement

Sometimes your glass windows and doors are too far gone after a storm or break-in, and will need to be replaced. Express Glaze offers a wide range of bespoke glass replacements to fit all residential applications.

Door Replacement

If a burglar successfully entered your home through the front door, chances are they did some damage (though the door may have been compromised from age as well). You can find the perfect replacement door in our comprehensive inventory that fits your aesthetics and price point.

Lock Repairs

A door or window is only as secure as its lock, which is why it’s important to keep them in good shape. When your locks have become damaged or worn, call on Express Glaze’s locksmiths to restore their functionality through expert repair.

Steel Security Screens

If your primary concern is security, you’ll be hard pressed to find a worthier upgrade to your home than steel security screens. These screens boast impact resistance that is far superior to run-of-the-mill security filming, and are useful for reducing UV-ray penetration and bug invasions as well.

Temporary Doors

When your home is undergoing renovation or new construction, it is often helpful to install temporary doors that allow your contractors access to the premises while keeping everyone else out. When construction advances enough, these doors will be replaced by more permanent solutions.


Landlords and tenants alike can rest easier knowing that our residential boarding services extend to rentals as well. No matter where you live, Express Glaze is here to protect your assets before, during and after a damaging event.

Key Holders

During construction, you may find it handy to grant designated access to key personnel only. You choose the key holders, and we’ll rekey the locks to accommodate.

Security Alarms

Every home should have a security alarm installed inside it. Because residential properties are often easy targets for thieves and vandals, a security alarm is useful for quickly notifying authorities and warning occupants of unwanted entry.

CCTV Systems

The best security measures are the ones that prevent break-ins altogether. Most burglars are wary of having their identities or activities caught on film, and are more likely to pass on by homes equipped with visible CCTV systems.

Temporary Lockable Access

Is your home undergoing new add-on construction or renovation? You can secure the construction site by installing temporary lockable access systems, which restrict access to anyone not privy to the goals of the project at hand.


Following a break-in, you may find that your house keys have been stolen. You can rely on Express Glaze’s professional locksmiths to rekey or replace your locks so that the missing keys can’t be used for another unwanted visit.


A storm, fire or break in can leave your property severely damaged and in need of restoration. You can count on our team of professional builders to help you repair the damage and get your life back to normal fast.


The wood surrounding your door and window frames can become damaged or rotten with time or forceful impact. We offer the carpentry services to repair this damage, restoring the security and thermal efficiency of your home.


With time, the weathertight seal around the glass panes of your windows and doors may degrade and allow drafts and leaks to infiltrate your home. Our re-glazing services will renew these seals and dramatically lower your monthly HVAC bill.

Burglary Repairs

Following a burglary, your home may bear the signs of forceful entry. This damage can leave you vulnerable to repeated attacks if not repaired quickly. In such cases, you can rely on Express Glaze to get the job done right, and fast!

Roller Shutter Repairs

Your rolling shutters provide exceptional protection against unwanted entry and harsh weather elements alike, so it is therefore vital to keep them in good shape. Express Glaze have the knowledge and equipment needed to repair these shutter systems with expediency and skill.

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True to our name, Express Glaze provides our customers with easy access to prompt professional glazing services around the clock. When you call us out for an emergency, we will waste no time despatching our team to affect a repair onsite.


Each member of the Express Glaze team has undergone stringent training in order to ensure our customers receive the best service their money can buy. As a result, you’ll find that our workmen are knowledgeable in their field, and able to competently carry out any task required of them.

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No matter where you live in the UK, when you call Express Glaze you can count on our team arriving onsite within an hour. Please allow an additional 15 minutes to compensate for inevitable traffic congestion during certain times of day.


Our team places your needs first. We empower you to make educated decisions about how to proceed with your maintenance or installation, so you can rest easier knowing that you’ve gotten the best value for money.


Express Glaze firmly believes that all business should be conducted above board and transparently. That’s why we offer fixed prices and no hidden cancellation fees.

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