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Burglary repairs are never something you want to have to deal with. Fortunately, theft damage repairs are easy to fix with Express Glaze. Call our team 24/7 to get the emergency help you need.

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Burglary Repairs Services

The unfortunate truth is that despite there being locks to keep people out of your home or business, there will inevitably be those emboldened to attempt entry either by force or by guile. In the wake of an attack, your property may be left vulnerable thanks to the damage left behind by thieves or vandals. That’s where Express Glaze steps in! We deliver the UK’s most comprehensive range of burglary and theft damage repairs–and fast!

Ram Raid Repairs

Ram raids can do tremendous damage to your property. When such a disaster occurs, you can rely on Express Glaze to provide you with prompt and effective repair services.

Door Replacement

Following a break-in attempt, your door’s integrity may be beyond any repair service. If this has recently happened to you, call on us to receive prompt door replacement services.

Lock Repairs

Lock picking attempts and brute force can both damage the locks on your doors and windows. This leaves vulnerable to further attack unless you seek our expedient lock repair services.

Window Repairs

Your windows pose a tempting target for would-be intruders, and may be the first casualties of a break-in. We’ll help you repair the damage and remove any broken glass that might pose a safety hazard.

Door Repairs

When a burglar attempts a break-in, they can do significant damage to your door, leaving you vulnerable to a repeated attempt. In such cases, call us promptly for a complete door repair.

Security Guards

When your home or business has been vandalized or broken into, the valuable assets inside may be exposed to risk of damage or theft. Our trained security detail will post outside your property, and guard it against any threats.

Temporary Doors

Burglars and vandals can wreak havoc on your property, necessitating a complete restoration. In order to protect sites that are under construction, you can elect to have durable yet temporary doors installed to keep intruders out while letting your contractor crew do their jobs.

Door Frame Repairs

Oftentimes in a burglary, it isn’t the door or lock itself that gives way, but instead the frame. We will repair and reinforce your wooden frame to guard against future attempts.

Replacement Doors

Your old door may not be up to the task of protecting the entrance of your home against determined intruders. Our entire range of replacement doors is rated for sturdiness and durability in the face of brute force and finesse alike.

Boarding Up

When your property is awaiting theft damage repairs, it’s wise to get it boarded up. Our emergency boarding up services will deter intrusion by the weather and passing vandals and burglars.

Property Repairs

Bandits may forcibly enter your property any number of ways, leaving damage in their wake. That’s why we offer a complete range of burglary repair options for your entire property.

Replacement Locks

Your old lock may have failed on the job in the face of an unlawful entry attempt, or perhaps just been damaged. In either case, we’ve got a high-security replacement lock that will promise enhanced security.

Key Holders

Designating individual key holders is a good way to minimise the risk to your property. When only the people you trust hold the key to your home or business, you can greatly reduce the risk of damage and loss.

Security Alarm Repairs

Perhaps your security alarm has fallen into disrepair with age, or perhaps it was specifically targeted by a burglar. In any case, we’ll get it back up to like-new condition, so you can rest easier knowing that your assets are being vigilantly guarded.

CCTV System Repairs

Video surveillance is crucial both as a deterrent and for providing visual evidence of a break-in. Keep your CCTV system in good working order with Express Glaze.

Temporary Lockable Access

There may come a time when you need to restrict access to a part of your property or a valuable asset. We provide a range of temporary lockable access solutions to suit your needs.


Our team of emergency locksmiths are able to get your locks rekeyed, repaired or replaced following a break-in or burglary attempt.


When you’re in need of help carrying out theft damage repairs on your property, you can trust our team of builders to make the job go smoothly.


the UK’s premier burglary repair service includes comprehensive carpentry expertise. The wood in your home is vulnerable to damage from forced entry, and we’ll ensure that any and all restorations go off without a hitch.


The windows in your home or business are a prime target for those who wish to gain unlawful entry. Following a break-in, we will provide you with prompt re-glazing services so that your windows and glass doors can continue to render reliable service against rain, wind, sun and other weather elements.

Door Repairs

Even the strongest types of doors can become damaged during a break-in. Wherever you are in the UK, you can call on Express Glazing to handle any necessary repairs to your doors.

Burglary Repairs

Burglary repairs require not only skill, but also experience to implement preventative measures against further intrusion. We’ve been in the business for years, and have helped countless clients recuperate their defences following an attack.

Glass Repairs

Even the strongest-rated glass can become damaged by a burglar. As full-service glaziers, we are able to repair most types of damage afflicting a wide range of glass types with confidence.

Roller Shutters Repairs

Your roller shutters can add a hefty layer of defence and privacy, but only if they’re in good working order. We’ve got the experience and equipment needed to restore these window treatments to their peak performance.

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True to our name, Express Glaze provides our customers with easy access to prompt professional glazing services around the clock. When you call us out for an emergency, we will waste no time despatching our team to affect a repair onsite.


Each member of the Express Glaze team has undergone stringent training in order to ensure our customers receive the best service their money can buy. As a result, you’ll find that our workmen are knowledgeable in their field, and able to competently carry out any task required of them.

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Express Glaze firmly believes that all business should be conducted above board and transparently. That’s why we offer fixed prices and no hidden cancellation fees.

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