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Our nationwide emergency window boarding service ensures that your building is secured in the event of an emergency. We provide a rage of boarding services including fire damage boarding.

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Window Boarding Services

Never underestimate the usefulness of the humble timber board, which can provide effective last-minute protection against both bad weather and bad people. The surest tactic to guarantee the safety of your property is to call Express Glaze for emergency boarding up services for immediate damage control. If a blaze breaks out in your property, fire damage boarding prevents further damage resulting from your property being exposed to the elements; afterwards, you’ll devise a more permanent fix.

Ram Raid

While most don’t think it could ever happen to them, ram raiding is an ever-present threat to residential properties which are usually unprotected from such impact. Express Glaze will help reinforce your home against these most destructive of entry methods shortly after they occur.

Smash & Grab

Similar to ram raids, smash & grab tactics often result in significant damage to your property. We will help you restore this damage on an emergency basis, and help implement measures to prevent it from happening again.


After a bad storm, you may not have the resources or time to fully repair the broken windows of your property immediately. This makes for prime real estate to squatters, who will promptly move into any unguarded property. Our emergency boarding services will deter this unwanted access until you can finish repairs.

Fire Damage

Few things can devastate your properly so thoroughly as a fire. After the flames have been extinguished, we’ll help you recover from the damage left behind with our emergency fire damage repair services.

Storm Damage

Boarding up is an important tactic for guarding your property against storm-force winds and rains. Of course, if damage does strike, the boards offer up a measure of security to keep unwanted visitors out until repairs can be completed. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us for emergency boarding up services!

Security Guards

Sometimes your property has sustained damage leaving your precious assets vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Our detail of swiftly posted security guards will ensure that your property remains secure until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

Steel Security Fence

A smash & grab can wreak havoc on your steel security fence, leaving your property open to other intrepid burglars or vandals. Call us immediately to affect prompt emergency repairs right onsite.

Temporary Doors

In certain situations, temporary doors are a crucial security measure. Call Express Glaze to quickly and soundly install temporary doors on your property until they’re no longer needed.

Concrete Barriers

Few security measures are so effective against ram raiding as concrete barriers. However, they will still need fast repair following a collision, lest their ruinous state invite further attempts.

Timber Boarding Up

Our emergency timber boarding services allow you to protect your temporarily vulnerable property for as long as is needed to affect repairs or complete construction.

Property Repairs

Following a natural or man-made disaster, your home or business may suffer multiple types of damage that leave it vulnerable to harsh weather elements or forceful entry. Express Glaze will repair that damage on an emergency basis, so you can return to your normal routine ASAP.


Landlords and tenants alike can rest easier knowing that our residential boarding services extend to rentals as well. No matter where you live, Express Glaze is here to protect your assets before, during and after a damaging event.

Key Holders

You can ensure the security of your property by designating who holds keys and who doesn’t. Of course, if you suspect someone has illegally obtained one of these keys, we will respond by rekeying the locks and distributing a new set of keys in short order.

Security Alarms

Your security alarm services a vital purpose in protecting your property. If you’ve noticed that it’s gone out during a crucial situation, you can call Express Glaze out for emergency repair or replacement services.

CCTV Systems

Has someone recently vandalised your CCTV system, and you suspect an immanent attempt at forceful entry to your property? Call us immediately to get an emergency repair on your vital security fixtures.

Temporary Lockable Access

There may be situations where you require an immediate lockdown of an important asset that is only accessible to a select few. Express Glaze is sensitive to these needs, and will respond to emergency requests for services promptly.


Following a break-in attempt on your property, you may discover that your keys have been stolen. When you need emergency rekeying or your locks changed fast, we’re the company to call.


A storm, fire or break in can leave your property severely damaged and in need of restoration. You can count on our team of emergency builders to restore the damage ASAP.


During the Winter months, it’s crucial to ensure that the thermal efficiency of your doors and windows is intact. When your frames have degraded and the mercury is low, call us out for swift emergency carpentry services to restore your safety and comfort.


When the sealing compound in your glazing degrades, you may experience an influx of inclement weather into your property, threatening the health and comfort of its occupants. Don’t wait for a bad situation to turn worse, call out our emergency boarding up team to provide a temporary fix and devise a long-term one after the weather passes.

Door Repair

Has your door fallen into disrepair following a break-in, fire, storm or just years of wear and tear? Call on our door repair specialists to affect swift and lasting restorations of your damaged doors.

Burglary Repairs

Burglars can (and probably will) do a lot of damage in their attempt to gain entry to your property, leaving it vulnerable to repeated attacks afterwards. Call Express Glaze for emergency boarding up services to keep the bad guys out while you rebuild your defences.

Glass Repairs

Your windows provide a tempting target for burglars looking to gain entry into your home. Following a break-in, we’re here to repair the damage caused on an emergency basis.

Roller Shutter Repairs

Your rolling shutters provide exceptional protection against unwanted entry and harsh weather elements alike, so it is therefore vital to keep them in good shape. When they suffer damage during a storm, call us for emergency boarding up services to protect your property until a more permanent fix can be affected.

Why Choose Express Glaze?

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True to our name, Express Glaze provides our customers with easy access to prompt professional glazing services around the clock. When you call us out for an emergency, we will waste no time despatching our team to affect a repair onsite.


Each member of the Express Glaze team has undergone stringent training in order to ensure our customers receive the best service their money can buy. As a result, you’ll find that our workmen are knowledgeable in their field, and able to competently carry out any task required of them.

Quick Onsite

No matter where you live in the UK, when you call Express Glaze you can count on our team arriving onsite within an hour. Please allow an additional 15 minutes to compensate for inevitable traffic congestion during certain times of day.


Our team places your needs first. We empower you to make educated decisions about how to proceed with your maintenance or installation, so you can rest easier knowing that you’ve gotten the best value for money.


Express Glaze firmly believes that all business should be conducted above board and transparently. That’s why we offer fixed prices and no hidden cancellation fees.

Has your property recently suffered serious damage from a storm or break-in? Call on 0800 581 500 for prompt emergency window boarding services!

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